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Clash of Clans: Just how to win all trophies?

Clash of Clans is really a free strategy game for mobile, available Android and iOS. You play as the best choice of a clan and must manage it, building your village and your army, and conquer the territories of one's enemies.

In addition, you are able to go and confront real players online, and create or join a clan to dominate your opponents, and become probably the most respected leader. Your trophies won through your conquests will determine in the eyes of others your reputation in the game.

Trophies in Clash of Clans

Trophies will be the rewards you obtain throughout your battles. They serve no purpose except to rank the players and thus determine those that have a strongest village or army. You obtain a ranking on the basis of the quantity of trophies you've accumulated. How exactly to win the utmost amount of trophies? Probably the most obvious answer will be: attack precisely what moves! Indeed, you win trophies by winning multiplayer battles. Nevertheless, you lose in the event that you lose those battles! So don't launch your army into an enemy village and soon you have assessed whether your forces are sufficient to win a victory and not lose trophies stupidly. In addition you win trophies once you defend your attacked base and your opponent is impaled on your own defenses. Just like the attacks in Clash of Clans Astuce, You nevertheless lose trophies if attacking your invader reduces your defenses to a lot more than 50%. Your defense is therefore paramount never to losing trophies. Aggressive Technique A highly effective but slow solution to win trophies is to find players who create villages dedicated solely to resource production and attack them having an army of several archers and a couple of resistant units Contact just like the giants, that will guarantee you every time a simple victory but just a dozen trophies everytime (the opponents not being well classified). These opponents have mostly their City Hall exhibited, guaranteeing a straightforward victory. The classic method An alternative strategy is always to aim only the opponents who bring you at the least ~ 25 trophies. But unlike the last ones, these will soon be harder to defeat. Thus, a critical little bit of advice is: shoot for the star victory, forget about, that's, destroy its base at 50% OR destroy its town hall. This may always offer you a trophy reward. Build a military adapted to this sort of attack: with three barracks, train several archers with a barracks and then barbarians with one other two. Whatever the case, use your troops in a cost-effective and intelligent way to help keep them and thus multiply attacks and winning trophies. Sometimes you merely need 4 or 5 archers to destroy a town hall. Make attacks on several fronts as well, and utilize the terrain to win constantly (eg leaving a couple of archers behind and cheap contact units facing them en masse). In order to complete, listed here is a small video furthermore, which holds advice to move up in Master (level of trophies the best before Champion)